Enterprise Data Search (Lucene API, Java Example)

Good Write up on the Lucene and Other Basics Search details…

Gaurav Prasad

Search ??

Every time it comes to my mind why this word is given so much emphasis. But I got to know the actual reason when I moved to Big Data world. When one has the data with a volume size in terabyte or petabyte, it’s important to have efficient search mechanism, as no one wants to wait to get a search result after a day or two.

Say if you search something over Google and it says, your search request is accepted, we will return the result within five working days, how many of you will like to use Google. I am sure software developer and programmer will stop using it on the spot.

So do we use Google search only because of response time?
If anyone asks me, my answer will be NO !!!

Google is the most used search engine because it has many search feature with…

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